Responsible Gambling

Gambling can be an enjoyable pastime for most, however a small number of people can develop a gambling addiction which can lead to a range of problems. If you are concerned that gambling may have taken over your (or someone else’s life) then contact the organisations below. The more you answer ‘yes’ to the questions below, the more likely it is that you’ve developed a gambling problem and in need of help from some of the services below.

  • Do you stay away from work, college or school to gamble?
  • Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of your gambling?
  • Have you lied to cover up the amount of money/time you spend gambling?
  • Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies?
  • Do you gamble until your last penny is gone?
  • After losing, do you feel you must try and win back your losses?
  • Do you gamble to escape from a boring or unhappy life?

GamCare UK
GamCare offers support, information and advice on problem gambling through its HelpLine (UK Tel: 0845 6000 133), online services, and specialist face-to-face counselling. It also offers advice on self-help strategies and practical advice to family and friends of gamblers.

BeGambleAware is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. More information about how they can help can be found on their website or by telephoning them:

Phone: 0808 8020 133

Gamblers Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous is a group of men and women who have joined together to do something about their own gambling problem and to help other people do the same. They can be contacted through their website or by phone. UK Tel: 020 7384 3040

Gambling Problem
The Institute for Problem Gambling is a nonprofit organisation founded in 1997 by a group of leaders in the field and serves as an important resource for science based information on the study, prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

General Advice for Responsible Gambling

When gambling it is very important that you take the following into consideration and follow a few simple rules to partake in responsible gambling. Observing the following may assist in preventing a gambling problem from developing:

  • Decide on how much you can afford, not how much you want to bet.
  • When this limit has been reached, walk away.
  • If you have won a small amount then be sensible and take your winnings.
  • Gambling is a form of entertainment and isn’t a get rich quick scheme.
  • There are no guaranteed winning systems no matter what you’ve heard.
  • Gambling can lead to addiction and damage your financial situation.
  • If you loose don’t try and chase your losses.